MDCB Exam Updates

MDCB Exam Updates

Job Task Analysis

The MDCB recently completed a Job Task Analysis (JTA).  The Job Task Analysis also known as a Role Delineation Study or Role and Function Study is conducted every 5 years by Prometric, the MDCB exam administrator, to ensure the MDCB exam reflects current practice. The most recent Job Task Analysis was conducted in November 2018. A summary of the how the job task analysis was conducted is posted at

A JTA is designed to meet stringent certification industry standards and recognized best practice guidelines. An electronic survey examines work-related tasks and knowledge statements, and is distributed to all MDCB certificants and AAMD members. The data collected is used to update the test matrix to reflect current dosimetry practice. Subsequently, exam question are developed to reflect any new areas of practice.

Test Specifications

The test specifications derived from the 2018 Task Analysis will be employed for the first time for the April 2019 exam administration. Exam candidates should be aware of the test matrix included in the revised April 2019 Exam Handbook and use it as a guide for study.

International Candidacy

As a result of the low number of international applicants and fewer still who are able to meet the eligibility criteria outlined, the MDCB Directors has made the difficult decision to eliminate international candidacy. Beginning in 2022, international candidacy eligibility will be eliminated. 

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