Meet a Dosimetry Student

After having worked for almost twenty years as a Radiation Therapist at the Indiana University (IU) Radiation Oncology Department, Jason returned to school to complete his Bachelor’s degree and CT certification. He subsequently pursued his graduate certificate in Medical Dosimetry at Indiana University’s Medical Dosimetry program. While completing the program, he continued to work part-time as an RT(T).

At IU, Jason has consistently demonstrated his leadership abilities, having served as the clinical supervisor in the JRCERT accredited IU Radiation Therapy program, to organizing the IU Health Radiation Oncology Race for the Cure team, raising thousands of dollars for the Susan G. Komen foundation annually and growing the initiative to include four IU Health Radiation Oncology Departments. He encouraged the IU administration to create a part time option to allow working therapists the opportunity to further their education while continuing to work.

Outside the clinic, Jason also gives of his time. He volunteers for the local food pantry and raises money for the Wounded Warrior project. He and his wife, Jayme, recently welcomed their first daughter, Eden, in 2017.