Meet a Dosimetry Student

Jamie Christ entered the dosimetry realm after seven ​(7​)​ years of ​practice as  a radiation therapist. She is ​completing the Southern Illinois University Medical Dosimetry program with her clinical site at RUSH University Medical Center. She is projected to graduate with a Master’s degree in August 2016. In addition to the extensive work required by her program, she continuously demonstrates her remarkable work ethic by engaging in a multitude of endeavors, ​including ​providing a lecture to radiation oncology residents ​on the Eclipse treatment planning system;  participating in the 2016 Prostate SBRT plan challenge and presenting a poster at the ​2016 ​AAMD ​annual conference.

Outside of work, Jamie is an avid runner and participates in several fundraisers throughout the year. She also attends various events around Chicago such as cultural fests, art exhibits, and food tastings.