Meet the MDCB Scholarship Winners

Marisol Tinoco is a senior medical dosimetry student. She graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a minor in biology in 2016. She will graduate on August 9, 2019 with her Bachelor of Science in Medical Dosimetry from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) School of Health Professions in Houston, TX. She is a member of the Lambda Nu National Honor Society, the Alpha Eta Honor Society, the Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society, and the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists. She looks forward to working as a dosimetrist at MDACC soon after graduation. She is grateful to have received the MDCB scholarship as it will allow her to fully focus on preparing for the exam and bring her closer to achieving her dream of becoming a Certified Medical Dosimetrist. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with Ronald McDonald House Houston on the pediatric floor at MD Anderson. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, exercising, playing with her chiweenies, and spending time with her family.