CMD Credentialing

Medical Dosimetrists become certified by the MDCB upon passing the examination and are eligible to use the credential of Certified Medical Dosimetrist (CMD). Five-year cycles commence January 1 following the year in which the CMD passed the exam; CMDs can then begin accumulating continuing education credits.

CMDs must pay an annual renewal fee to maintain their credential. Annual credential renewal fees must be paid by December 31. A 30-day grace period, with monetary penalty, is allowed until January 31. The annual credentialing fee is $175.

Dosimetrists who have not submitted the annual renewal  fee will not be allowed to use the credential “CMD” and will not be listed in the registry of Certified Medical Dosimetrists. The only way to reinstate the credential is by passing the MDCB Certification Exam.

Additionally, every five years a CMD must show proof of continuing knowledge and skills by documenting 50 continuing education credits.


CMDs who elect to retire the credential should email the MDCB at to advise of their decision to retire. No annual fee will need to be submitted following retirement. However, once retired, practitioners will not be considered active CMDs or be able to use the CMD credential. The only way to reinstate the CMD credential is to pass the CMD exam. 

Duplicate Packet/Certificate Policy

New CMDs will receive a certificant packet including a welcome letter, certificate, press release template and certificant handbook. Certificants will be advised to notify the MDCB office of change of address prior to receiving their exam packet and via follow-up e-mails. Certificants who have not notified the MDCB office of a change of address and request a new packet will incur a packet replacement fee of $25.

Any current CMD can request a duplicate copy of a certificate. To request a certificate re-print, visit the Learning Plans section of the CE center, select the orange "Begin" button next to the Certificate Re-Print option, and submit a $25 fee for processing and shipping/handling charges.

The CE Center is located at CMDs can verify courses on learning plans (transcripts), renew annual registration, and confirm MDCB-approved activities. To navigate the CE Center website, Internet Explorer 7 or greater or Firefox browsers are required.