Applicant Handbook

Click here to download the January 2024 Applicant Handbook.

Applicants for the MDCB Certification Exam are responsible for ensuring completion and submission of the application as per the specifications outlined in the handbook.

Exam candidates should pay particular attention to the details regarding Performance-Based Testing questions. A small number of performance-based test (PBT) questions will be included on the CMD exam.  Performance-based questions measure candidates' ability to apply learned skills and knowledge. It is considered to be the next generation in certification testing. MDCB Exam PBT questions are used to test applicants' plan evaluation skills, ability to evaluate isodose distributions, evaluate dose to critical structures, read DVH's, identify anatomical structures of interest for site specific treatments, and evaluate beam arrangements.

Approved exam candidates will be able to access the MDCB ProKnow DS platform. MDCB provides two videos to assist in: (1) setting up an account, and (2) navigating the platform once an account has been set up.

Each applicant must be aware of the information outlined in the handbook for the most current detail regarding exam administration, eligibility, application requirements, deadlines, and adherence to the Ethical Standards of the MDCB.  Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements in effect at the time of application.

Common Pitfalls of Exam Applications:

  • Failure to read the exam handbook
  • Failure to “Submit Application”
  • Improper documentation, i.e. program diplomas not in pdf format, program transcripts are not official in scanned pdf format corresponding to diploma confer date, no name change documentation where appropriate.