For Providers

To Submit a Request for Evaluation

Click here for detailed RFE submission requirements.

1. You must register as a provider to submit a Request for Evaluation (RFE). This will allow you to enter your contact information once and have it associated with all of the activities you submit.  

If you already have a registered profile as a CMD, simply log in, click "My Account" and select "Register as a Provider." You can update your contact information at any time by clicking on My Account.

To register as a provider, go to and select "Register for an Account". Enter your email address and create a password, and enter your work address and phone number.  Click Save. After completing the email confirmation process, return to the Log In page and enter the login you created. You can then select "Register as a Provider."  This will prompt you to either identify an existing organization on which you wish to become a staff member or request to be a new provider. The request must be reviewed by staff before you can submit an RFE. 

2. To submit an RFE, go to the Provider tab, choose Activities from the drop-down, and select "Add Activity". You can select an activity from one of several types. Read the descriptions carefully to make sure you submit your request with the correct activity type.

3. After you select your activity type, the system will guide you through the process.  Repeating activities start and end date should be for a maximum one-year period. Be sure to include objectives, abstracts, profile information for presenters (name, organization affiliation, position in organization and professional credentials), and any supplemental materials you would like in the request. For the provider field, include the name of your organization. Your name should be the contact name. The number of units applied for should equal the number of CE credits the CMD will earn.

Quizzes are required for activities being delivered remotely. Zoom logs, polling, evaluations, etc. will NOT serve as acceptable verification. Questions should be developed by the presenter and attendees must pass the quiz with a score of 75% or above in order to receive credit.

You will be asked to review and agree to the Conflict of Interest, Commercial Disclosure, Securing Legal Rights to Content and Name and Logo Use policies prior to submission. You must agree to these policies for your request to be considered.

4. Your information will be entered into a provider queue which will allow you to track the status of your RFE.

You will receive an email confirmation when your RFE has been successfully submitted.

A few notes about the Provider Queue

  • You will only be able to see the activities that you submitted. If you belong to a provider that submits through multiple staff accounts, you will still be able to see only your own submissions.
  • Keep your eye on the orange buttons. They will tell you what your next step is.
  • Your default view will be your "Inbox," which will show you any activities that require your action. If no action is required, you will not see any activities in your Inbox.
  • Select "Pending" to see activities that are in the review process. Select "Complete" to see all activities that have completed the process. Select "All Activities" to see all activities in all states.
  • Be sure you are able to receive emails from the Learning Builder system. Important notifications will come to you via email.

Certificate of Attendance & Attendance Upload Feature

To facilitate the online CE submission process for our CMD practitioners, MDCB requests that an electronic certificate of attendance be provided to CMD attendees of approved MDCB activities. If issuing certificates, they must include the provider name, attendee name, the MDCB activity name, the MDCB activity number, the date the activity was completed, the number of credits approved, the activity start and end date, ARRT Category A designation, and signature of a representative of the CE sponsor. Documentation without this information cannot be approved.

In lieu of certificates, providers can upload a roster of attendees to the MDCB for any activity. Rosters will be uploaded to CMD learning plans/transcripts as complete and accepted activities. To download a template of the attendance roster, go to the Provider tab, select Attendance from the drop-down, then click "Upload Attendance." Once you have completed the attendance roster,  select browse, find the file to upload, and click "Process File." 

When completing the spreadsheet, be sure to use the exact Activity ID number and data entered into the system for each activity.

Important Tips

  • Requests for evaluation should be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance of the activity date. Any requests submitted 10 days or less prior to the activity date will be automatically rejected. No activities will be approved after an event has taken place.
  • In accordance with ARRT RCEEM guidelines, following delivery of the CE activity, providers are required to submit attendance rosters/sign-in sheets or attendee evaluations. CE providers determined not to be in compliance with RCEEM guidelines will be sanctioned and may be denied evaluation of activities. 
  • Repeating activities will be approved for a maximum one-year period. Annual submission for CE assessment is required for courses that are repeating for more than one year.
  • Certificates must reflect current approval numbers and dates.
  • Approval of “Requests for Evaluation” (RFEs) are at the sole discretion of the MDCB. RFEs submitted with subject matter that does not relate to the Medical Dosimetrist may not be approved for continuing education. Activities that are specific to institutional policy and procedure may not be approved. The MDCB will not approve or endorse any certificate or similar programs that are not developed with National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) criteria.
  • Use of the MDCB name and logo is granted solely in connection with Provider’s approved continuing education program and solely in order to identify Provider’s continuing education programs as being approved for credit by MDCB.

We look forward to your participation in our RFE process and welcome your feedback.