Temporary Disability Leave of Absence

  1. Certified Medical Dosimetrists (CMDs) who are temporarily disabled and therefore unable to be employed as a medical dosimetrist or to complete required continuing education (CE) to maintain CMD status may apply in writing to the MDCB Maintenance of Certification Chair for temporarily disabled status. Applicants must complete an appeals form.
  2. Verification of disabled status by a licensed physician must be provided.
  3. The CMD will be required to sign an agreement not to engage to any extent whatsoever in the provision of medical dosimetry services during the disabled status period.
  4. During the period of disabled status, the CMD must continue to maintain the CMD credential fee.
  5. If, during the disabled status period, the CMD is unable to complete the 5-year/50 credits requirement, an extension of time to complete the requirement shall be provided. The length of any such extension shall be at the discretion of the MDCB Board of Directors. Any extension due to temporary disability shall not impact the CMD’s next 5-year period for completion of an additional 50 CE credits.
  6. Verification by a licensed physician of ability to return to employment will be required.
  7. Temporarily disabled CMDs who are granted extensions under this policy but who fail to complete the CE requirement by the extension date shall have their certification revoked and will be required to retake and pass the CMD certification examination and meet all other eligibility requirements in order to regain CMD status.

Download the Temporary Disability Leave of Absence Request Form