Continuing Education

Criteria for Continuing Education

The MDCB Maintenance of Certification process assures that practitioners meet the criteria for continuing professional development to protect the well-being of patients they serve and provide quality patient care. Continuing professional development helps address the rapid advances in technology, growth in knowledge, evolution of the industry and limitations of academic degrees.

Continuing education offerings shall reflect the educational needs for the Certified Medical Dosimetrist to maintain the status of CMD after annual registration year and completion of 50 CE credits for each 5 year cycle.

Courses, Lectures, Seminar/Workshops provided and vendor supported activities/applications training courses that integrate with the MDCB that will expand, enhance the knowledge base and increase the skill level are available for credit if a Request For Evaluation has been reviewed/approved with a CEU value assigned.

Examples of subjects that relate to the Medical Dosimetrist which were required as part of formal education and are now more advanced than those required for pre-credentialing may include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Computer Science
  • Advanced Treatment Planning
  • Brachytherapy
  • Dose Calculation Methods
  • Education & Research
  • Interpersonal and Interaction Skills for Personnel
  • Legal Aspects
  • Management & Billing Issues
  • Other Imaging (Nuclear Medicine, CT, MRI)
  • Other Modes of Therapy
  • Personal Health & Mental Care
  • Physics
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Quality Assurance
  • Radiation Protection
  • Simulation/Acquisition with Processing of Patient Data
  • Teaching & Learning Process

After attendance verification has been validated the credit(s) will be added to the CMD’s individual Learning Builder profile for tracking.

Other avenues for CEU accumulation include Academic Coursework (college level courses) that relate to the practice of Medical Dosimetry: Mathematics, Anatomy, Physiology, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry and research courses related to any of the listed content.

In addition CEUs for Journal Authoring, Reviewing and Editing, Speaker Presentations, and the Certification Examination will be awarded CEUs.