Testing Center Regulations

Prometric Test Center Regulations

Candidates are required to be professional, civil and respectful at all times while on the premises of the test center. All exams are continuously monitored by video and audio recording, physical walk-throughs, and through the observation window. The Test Center Administrator (TCA) is authorized to dismiss you from the test session for a violation of any of the Test Center Regulations, including exhibiting abusive behavior towards the TCAs or other candidates. If you are found to have violated any of the regulations during your exam, the TCA is required to notify Prometric and your test sponsor. Prometric, alone or in conjunction with your test sponsor, shall then take any further action necessary to sanction your conduct, up to and including invalidation of your test score and/or pursuit of civil or criminal charges.


  • The computer-based test delivery system, tutorial, exam content, and survey are the unpublished, confidential, and proprietary materials of Prometric and/or your test sponsor.
  • Communicating, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting any part of an exam, in any form or by any means (e.g. verbal, electronic, written, etc.) for any purpose is strictly prohibited.
  • ANY reproduction or disclosure will result in the immediate filing of civil and/or criminal charges against you and anyone directing or conspiring with you.


Check-in Procedures/Breaks

  • Original, valid (unexpired), government-issued photo & signature bearing identification is required in order to take an exam.
  • You may be scanned with a metal detector wand prior to every entry into the test room.
  • You may be required to raise your pants legs above your ankles, empty and turn all pockets inside-out and raise shirt sleeves above your wrists prior to every entry into the test room.
  • You will be required to remove eyeglasses for close visual inspection by the TCAs. 
  • Jewelry other than wedding and engagement rings is prohibited.
  • Hair accessories are subject to inspection. Please refrain from wearing ornate clips, combs, barrettes, headbands, and other hair accessories that may be prohibited in the testing room. Candidates may be asked to store them in lockers.
  • Candidates discovered to have a camera device prior to entering the testing room, will have device confiscated and will be prohibited from testing.
  • Candidates discovered to have a camera device while in the testing room, will have device confiscated and will have exam terminated.
  • Exams may have scheduled or unscheduled breaks, as determined by your test sponsor. Each time you leave the test room you must sign-out.
  • The TCA will inform you what is permitted during exam breaks, specifically regarding whether access to your locker, and access to cell phones and notes within it, is permitted or not. All candidates must inform the TCA before accessing a stored item during a break, including medicine. Repeated or lengthy departures from the test room will be reported to the test sponsor.
  • Upon return from a break, without exception, you must go through all security checks, present valid ID, sign-in and, if required by the test sponsor, provide a fingerprint to be re-admitted to the test room.
  • You must return to your assigned, original seat after any break.

Severe Weather Alerts

  • Due to severe weather conditions, the Prometric Incident Management Team may make site closure decisions based on local conditions.
  • During a severe weather event, candidates should check www.prometric.com under the Severe Weather Alert button before heading to their local test center.

Prohibited Items and Examinee Conduct in the Test Center

  • Weapons are not allowed in any Prometric Test Center.
  • Unauthorized personal items may not be brought into the test room. Such items include, but are not limited to: outerwear, hats, food, drinks, purses, briefcases, notebooks, pagers, watches, cell phones, recording devices and photographic equipment.
  • Written notes, published materials and other testing aids are strictly prohibited, except where allowed by your test sponsor. Test center staff will refer to the applicable Client Practices for allowances.
  • Only soft ear plugs (with no wires/cords attached) and center-supplied tissues are permitted in the test room.
  • Clothing or jewelry items allowed to be worn in the test room must continue to be worn at all times. Removed clothing or jewelry items must be stored in the locker provided during check-in.
  • All materials issued by the TCA must be returned at the conclusion of testing. Used scratch paper must be returned before new scratch paper will be issued by the TCA during your exam.
  • Talking to other candidates in the test room, referring to their screens, testing materials or written notes is strictly prohibited.

Accommodations for Nursing Candidates

The MDCB test vendor, Prometric, recognizes that candidates who are nursing may require some accommodations. Candidates requiring a nursing accommodation should submit a request with the application as per the special accommodations instructions outlined in the exam handbook. Please note: Private spaces are subject to availability, are not guaranteed at every test center location and could require a candidate to travel to a non-preferred test center.

For complete details of test center regulations, please refer to the exam handbook.