Credit Hour Assignments



Academic Courses One CEU will be awarded for each course credit hour for college/university coursework. A maximum of 15 continuing education credits per cycle will be assessed for academic course work.
Applications Training Courses Credit given for didactic lecture, demonstration and hands on practice. A maximum of 16 credits will be accepted for applications training courses per 5-year cycle. No activities will be approved for presentations that represent a CMD’s primary role.
Certification Exam 50 credits

Courses, Lectures, Seminars or Webinars

< 15 minutes: 0 credit
15–29 minutes: .25 credit
30–49 minutes: .5 credit
50–74 minutes: 1.0 credit
75–89 minutes: 1.25 credits
90–104 minutes: 1.5 credits
105–119 minutes: 1.75 credits
> 120 minutes: Credit assessed will be based on 1 CE per 60 minutes and rounded down to the nearest 1/4 hour for any CE equal to or less than .25 credit.

Directed Readings

Credit will be assigned based on evaluation of material.

Journal Authors

Primary author = 10 credits
Secondary author = 5 credits
Third author = 3 credits
Fourth and all other authors = 1 credit

Journal Editors & Reviewers

2.5 credits for each reviewed article

Self-Study  Self-Study activities will be approved for a maximum of 10 credits in any 5-year cycle. 
Speakers Presenters will be awarded credit equal to 2 times the credit approved for attendees.

*All MDCB-approved activities are approved for ARRT Category A credits.