Credit Hour Assignments



Academic Courses Academic course work approved between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2015 will be awarded five (5) continuing education credits per academic course. Effective January 2016, the CMD will earn one CEU for each course credit hour.
Applications Training Courses A maximum of 16 credits will be accepted for applications training courses per 5-year cycle. No activities will be approved for presentations that represent a CMD’s primary role.
Certification Exam 50 credits

Courses, Lectures, Seminars or Webinars

< 30 minutes: 0 credit
30–49 minutes: .5 credit
50–74 minutes: 1.0 credit
75–99 minutes: 1.5 credit
100–129 minutes: 2.0 credits
> 130 minutes: Credit assessed will be based on 1 CE per 60 minutes and rounded down to the nearest 1/2 hour for any CE equal to less than 1/2 credit.

Directed Readings

Credit will be assigned based on evaluation of material. All Directed Readings must be pre-approved by the MDCB.

Journal Authors

Primary author = 10 credits
Secondary author = 5 credits
Third author = 3 credits
Fourth and all other authors = 1 credit

Journal Editors & Reviewers

2.5 credits for each reviewed article

Self-Study  Self-Study activities will be approved to a maximum of 10 credits in any 5-year cycle. 
Speakers Presenters will be awarded credit equal to 2 times the credit approved for attendees.

*All MDCB approved activities are approved for ARRT Category A credits.