Eligible Activities

Activities Eligible for Continuing Education Credit*

Academic College Courses: Courses completed for transferable academic credit while matriculating are eligible for CE credits provided they are relevant to the practice of medical dosimetry. The CMD must receive a passing grade in a pass/fail system or a grade of C or better in an approved course to receive credit. A maximum of 15 continuing education credits per cycle will be assessed for academic course work. The CMD will earn one CEU for each course credit hour for academic coursework.

Documentation required to submit courses via a personal credit request is an official transcript from the institution and a course catalog description of any course for which you are requesting credit.

The Maintenance of Certification Committee has final right of approval on courses.  A Request for Credit Evaluation must be submitted as a personal credit request in the CE Center.

Applications Training Courses: Pre-approved dosimetry-related equipment applications training courses are eligible for credit. CE credit for equipment applications training is based on didactic lecture, demonstration and hands-on training.

A maximum of 8 CE credits per day will be accepted. A maximum of 16 CE credits will be accepted for applications training courses per 5-year cycle. 

Certification Exam: The certification exam is a continuing education option that may be taken any time within the 5-year cycle. 50 credits will be awarded for passing the exam. Credits are not awarded for the initial successful completion of the exam.

Courses, Lectures, Seminars or Webinars that are pre-approved by the MDCB are acceptable for continuing education credit. A contact hour is based on 50 minutes. Presentations lasting 30 to 49 minutes are assigned one-half credit. Lectures lasting 15 to 29 minutes are assigned one-quarter credit. Presentations given by students will be approved at the discretion of the MDCB. Webinars will be assessed one half hour of contact for each five quiz questions completed. Questions must be developed by the presenter and submitted with the request for evaluation. No more than ten questions will be approved per hour of contact. Practitioners must demonstrate a score of 75% or better to receive credit.

Directed Readings: Credits can be obtained for completion of Directed Readings for articles which are pre-approved by the MDCB. Practitioners must demonstrate a score of 75% or better on a quiz corresponding to each article. Credit can be received only once for any given article. Any single directed journal reading covering one subject will have a maximum of 10 CE credits. There is no limit on the number of total credits that can be earned for this category.

Item Writing for MDCB Exam:  One (1) CE will be awarded for every two (2) accepted questions.  A maximum of ten (10) CE per year can be earned. For details regarding item writing, please visit http://www.mdcb.org/exam-information/exam-dates-and-fees/call-volunteer-item-writers.

Journal Authoring: Authors may earn CE credit through a published article in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that meets the definition of a journal as outlined by the National Library of Medicine’s journal selection criteria for Index Medicus/Medline. A Request for Credit Evaluation must be submitted as a personal credit request in the CE Center. Credits are assigned as follows:

  • First listed author = 10 CE credits
  • Second listed author = 5 CE credits
  • Third listed author = 3 CE credits
  • Fourth and other listed authors = 1 CE credit

Documentation required to submit author credit via a personal credit request is a PDF of the final published article listing authors.

Journal Editing & Reviewing: Journal editors and article reviewers may submit documentation for articles reviewed within their 5-year cycle. 2.5 CEs will be awarded for each article with a completed review status.

Documentation necessary for approval is a letter from the publisher listing the articles edited.

Self-Study: A self-study activity is an in-depth study of a particular topic related to the field. A post-test is taken upon completion of the reading. A maximum of 10 continuing education credits will be accepted per five-year cycle.

Speakers: Lectures related to the practice of medical dosimetry or scientific research are eligible for CE credit. Presenters will receive credit only for activities that have been pre-approved for attendees. Credit awarded will be two times the approved amount for lecture attendance. A Request for Credit Evaluation must be submitted as a personal credit request in the CE Center. No activities will be approved for presentations that represent a CMD’s primary role.

Documentation required to submit speaker presentations via a personal credit request is a letter or certificate from the conference/course organizer stating you presented the lecture.

Examples of Ineligible Continuing Education Activities

Examples of activities that do not conform to the MDCB definition of continuing medical dosimetry education and will not be considered for approval are:

  • Attendance at departmental meetings, chart rounds, tumor boards, and grand rounds.
  • Business sessions of meetings sponsored by professional societies.
  • ‘Site visits’ at hospitals, clinics, and other institutions.
  • Equipment demonstrations and exhibits.
  • Educational sessions not directly related to the practice of medical dosimetry.
  • Activities that are a function of the CMD's primary role.
  • Activities conducted for professional societies which are non-educational in nature. Examples include serving as board member, committee member, or ad hoc participant.
  • Activities that have no mechanism for learning outcome measurement, such as reading professional journal articles that do not contain a post-test, posters or exhibits.
  • Activities that are specific to institutional policy and procedure.

*All MDCB-approved CEUs are approved for ARRT Category A credits.

In general, proof of attendance documentation must be in the form of a certificate that includes the provider name, attendee name, the MDCB activity number, the activity name, the date the activity was completed, the number of credits approved, the activity start and end date, ARRT Category A designation, and signature of a representative of the CE sponsor. Documentation without this information cannot be approved.

MDCB may amend the certification and recertification requirements and procedures at any time upon reasonable notice.