Important Provider Update

Thank you for your continued support of the MDCB Request for Evaluation (RFE) process. The activities you submit for approval help ensure that Certified Medical Dosimetrists maintain their credential through continuing education opportunities. The MDCB wants to ensure ongoing support to our valued providers and continue to support the RFE process in the current challenging environment. 

We have become aware that some activities that were previously approved as in-person sessions will now be presented in an online format. If your planned in-person event will be changing to an online format, we will be adopting the following protocols:

  • Please email the MDCB office at and advise if an approved activity is changing from in-person to online delivery and the date the change will be effective.
  • The MDCB will add an "(O)" designation to the title of the activity to indicate online delivery. 
  • To receive credit, the provider must demonstrate that attendees participated in the entire session. We recommend that you provide a quiz that represents 10 questions for each contact hour. The attendee must receive a score of 75% or above on the quiz before credit can be granted.

Any activities not previously approved that will be delivered online should be submitted as a webinar. See details regarding the submission process at:

As a reminder, Requests for Evaluation should be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance of the activity date. Requests should not be submitted 10 days or less prior to the activity date. No activities will be approved after an event has taken place. 

The MDCB thanks you for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you,