The MDCB is an ARRT recognized continuing education evaluation mechanism (RCEEM). This means that ARRT has approved the MDCB to evaluate continuing education (CE) activities. MDCB activities are authorized to award Category A designation to any CE activity that meets ARRT’s requirements. Being a recognized RCEEM assists Certified Medical Dosimetrists in maintaining both their ARRT and MDCB credentials concurrently.

In accordance with ARRT CE policy requirements, on February 1, 2021 the MDCB will be rolling out several changes to MDCB Policies and Procedures to maintain ARRT RCEEM Compliance.

  • MDCB will now approve presentations of 15-29 minutes. These presentations will be assigned one-quarter hour credit.
  • The following formula will be provided to assess credits:

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         Fields will be provided to assist in computing total credits per activity.

  • In addition to confirming agreement required to policies now, 1) Speaker Conflict of Interest Disclosure, (2) Disclosure of Commercial Support and (3) Name and Logo Use, providers will be required to agree to Securing Legal Rights Policy, e.g. “Any presenter of a course that has been approved for MDCB continuing education credit shall confirm that legal rights to the information or materials being presented have been secured.”
  • Only names of activities will be listed in activity queues. Activity numbers will no longer be posted. All certificates, however, will require current MDCB activity numbers.
  • Audit procedures will be instituted. CE providers will be required to submit attendance rosters, sign-in sheets or attendee evaluations for CE activities.
  • When submitting activities for approval, CMDs will be required to complete a short survey: (1) overall session evaluation, (2) relevance of session content, (3) instructor effectiveness.


The MDCB looks forward to your cooperation with these procedures. Please direct any questions you may have to